Contemporary classical, intermodernism


Intermodernism understood as a continuation of the tradition from Schönberg, Webern, Boulez, Stockhausen and Ligeti, but not as dogmatic as in the fifties


Textures & Mosaics

Textures & Mosaics are designed as a series of independent pieces of varying formation. If they are performed together, they will constitute a complete entirety. The ambient, static and gradual change are explored. The texture pieces focus at the long extended line in a multi-layered structure. The mosaics use the isolated fragment that can reoccur in different surroundings or exist by itself as a formal idea (mosaic form). All the pieces focus at the complex texture.

Volume 1 and 2 has five movements each, that is, Texture 1-5 and Mosaic 1-5 (Italian: Mosaico). Volume 1 is written for for clarinet (& bass clarinet), percussion, piano, violin, cello, live electronics (Max) and Volume 2 is for string quartet and live electronics (Max). Volume 1 is two Textures (1, 4) and three Mosaics (1, 4, 5). Complementary Volume 2 is three Textures (2, 3, 5) and two Mosaics (2, 3). The overall musical form is composed in a way that the Textures might be performed as a whole. This also applies for the Mosaics, the Volume 1 or the Volume 2. The movements might be played independently or in any combination. Whatever combination is chosen the durations of the movements will always be 11, 7, 8, 5, 3 minutes, in all 34 minutes.


Textures & Mosaics, volume 1 (2013-15)

Duration: 34 minutes

Written with support from the Danish Arts Foundation

Commissioned by Transit ensemble (NYC)


Texture 1 - 2013, 11 min, tutti

World premiere: Saturday May 25, 2013 at 20:00 at The Actors Fund Art Center, Brooklyn, NY

performed by Transit ensemble (NYC)

Mosaico 1 - 2013, 7 min, vc, pno

World premiere: Friday October 11, 2013 at 20:00 at LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen

performed by Transit ensemble (NYC)

Mosaico 4 - 2015, 8 min, tutti

Texture 4 - 2015, 5 min, bcl perc vn

Mosaico 5 - 2015, 3 min, tutti

About: Mosaico 4 & 5, Texture 4:

World premiere: Sunday October 11, 2015 at 16:00

at LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen

performed by Ensemble CPHX

First performance in US: Friday October 16 at 19:30

at The DiMenna Center of Classical Music, NYC

performed by Transit ensemble


Textures & Mosaics, volume 2 (2013)

Obscure Transparence (2013) - subtitle: Mosaico 2

String Quartet No. 5 - with live electronics (Max)

Duration: 10-11 minutes

Written with support from The Danish Arts Foundation

Commissioned by Jack Quartet

World premiere: Thursday November 7, 2013 at 19:30 at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen

Performed by Jack Quartet (NYC)


Texture 2, 3, 5 and Mosaico 3 is planned to be composed in 2016 completing Volume 2.



Stillstehen - Werkzyklus

The fundamental idea of the work cycle Stillstehen is repetition during constant change; thus the title means stationary, standstill and to stand still. I associate to "der Stille Ocean" (the Pacific Ocean), "die Stille Woche" (the Holy Week), "Windstille" (a calm wind), "stille Wasser" (still waters), "stille Wasser sind tief" (still waters run deep) and "stille Musik" (quiet music).

In 2016 I have planned to complete the cycle with the fifth movement (23 min), that will include the four instruments bass clarinet, percussion, harp and cello. The other movements have a duration of 6 minutes each, and is written for four different trio combinations, that is, (bcl perc harp) (bcl perc vc) (perc harp vc) (bcl harp vc). Total duration of the whole cycle will be 47 minutes.

First movement was written in 2009 (recorded 2009 in Dock11, Berlin & second to fourth movement written in 2011 (recorded in KulturForum, Kiel in 2013). In 2013 I toured with Ensemble Adapter with Stillstehen I-IV with concerts in Copenhagen, Berlin, Kiel and Bielefeld.


Stillstehen I-IV (2009, 11)

bcl, perc, harp, vc, live electronics (Max)

24 minutes

Written with support from the Danish Arts Foundation

Commissioned by Ensemble Adapter


World premiere of Stillstehen I (2009): Sunday November 1, 2009 at 20:00

at LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen

Performed by Ensemble Adapter

World premiere of Stillstehen II-IV (2011): Thursday April 25, 2013 at 20:00

at LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen

Performed by Ensemble Adapter





Elegien (elegies) are inspired by fragments and phrases from Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926): Duineser Elegien (1912-22). My original plan was to compose Ten Elegies ending with an orchestral piece, until this day nine elegies are completed: Elegie I-VII (1993-99) and Elegie VIII-IX (2004-2007).


tonlos Los tonlos (2006-7)

tam-tam, real-time processing (Max)

die neunte Elegie (13-17 minutes)


"Kontur des Fühlens" (2004)

String Quartet No. 1 - with live electronics (Max)

die achte Elegie (9 min)


"Berge des Urleids" (1998-99)

vn, live electronics (Max)

die siebente Elegie (13 min)


"...das Offene" (1996)

bcl, perc, cb, live electronics (Max)

die sechste Elegie


“Zwischen den Hämmern” (1996)

2 perc, vn, va, vc, cb, tape

die fünfte Elegie

the tape is Glass (1993, 96) but it is cut up in several soundfiles


"Vergeuder der Schmerzen" (1995)

afl, oboe d’amore, cl (Bb), 2 bcl, cbcl, bs, cbs,

2 trp (C), 6 trbn (alto, 3 tenor, 2 bass), tub, 4 perc,

strings ( (5-st))

die vierte Elegie (11 min)


“Subrisio Saltat.” (1995-96)

cl (alto, bass), vc, pno, live electronics (Max)

(also in a version for bcl, vc, pno, live electronics, called Gaukler)

die dritte Elegie (11 min)


Flug der Farben (1994-95)

fl (also alto), ob (also enghn), cl (Bb, bass), bs (also cbs),

2 hn, trp (C, F), tenor trbn, 2 perc, hrp, pno,

strings: (19 min)

die zweite Elegie


"...unsägliche Stelle" (1993, 95)

vn, vc, pno

die erste Elegie (13 min)



Psalm 23

Psalm 23 (1995-91) is written for viola and cello with the cellist singing the text of the biblical Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepard (in Hebrew) in the third part: Chorale.


First part:

Prelude (1991) or Toccata (1992)



Second part:

Triptykon - Triptych (1985)

va, vc

 1. Dødskyggernes dal - The valley of the shadow of death

 2. Hvilens vande - Still waters

 3. Trøst – Comfort


Third part:

Chorale (1991)

mezzo soprano, vc


Chorale is recomposed in a version for ensemble called Ada'nai rå'i (in Hebrew: The Lord is my shepard)

Adå’nai rå’i (1992-93, 96)

mezzo soprano, perc, pno, va, cb

Written with support from the Danish Arts Foundation

Commissioned by Figura

World premiere: January 25, 1993. DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Studio 2